More About Me

DC is my home town. I grew up a block from Eastern Market, right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Real Estate is a family business. My grandmother, Grace, was a force in real estate on The Hill in the 70s and 80s. I'm fortunate now to have my smart, sweet and funny mom, Angela Grimmer, as my partner. I love the dynamics of real estate. The buyers and their dreams, the houses and their histories, the deals and the nuances that make each transaction productive and unique.

I've lived in New England, San Francisco and Brooklyn New York and had a great time getting to know each place. But I'm so thrilled I ended up back in DC on Capitol Hill with my husband, our daughter and our dog. Along the way I have been a decorative painter, a graphic designer, worked in a number of restaurants, as part of the security team at a nightclub and reported on the traffic and weather for NYC and Detroit. This rich background brings a unique perspective to all negotiations and deals. I'm dedicated and passionate about working to make sure your adventure in real estate is successful and rewarding. I'm honored to be on this journey with you. Lets do it!